Yuletide Cheer

This time of year year has not always been my favorite. The bitterness, greed, drunken holiday parties, gifts given with malice, and your regular inconsideration. Plus, I was studying with a religious organization that shared with me that this and other holidays were not Christian based and therefore were not something to be celebrated. Okay, cool. Don't like them anyway and think of all the money I would be saving! So I opted out. I would say it was about five years ago when I was reintroduced to Christmas. The tree, presents, lights, family dinners, and everything wonderful about the season. Of course my celebration has evolved over the years. Instead of Christmas I celebrate more closely to the pagan traditions. Yes, I took the Christ out of Christmas and added an X. Fitting since my X was the one that surprised me with my first tree in over 15 years. But that is a story for another time. :)

Anyway, now I  look forward to this time of year. I make sure that it remains stress free. I enjoy friends and family to the fullest and soak up as much of the season as possible. The holiday lights, Christmas Carolers (yes, they are cool), and all the festivities. Sure there are those out there spending too much money or being ungrateful for what they have. Others are spending their time vocalizing why they don't say Happy Holidays, debating the origins of the holiday or even being outright insulting of anyone that does not believe the way they do. Live and live people. We all want to enjoy this time in our own way.

So my readers, friends, and family... Have a joyous holiday season and a blessed New Year!

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