The Beginning of the End

Or not. :) This is my very first blog post so I'm sure I'm going to make the same mistakes everyone else does in their initial journey into blogville. Why blog? I'm not that person. What do I have to say to the masses? Should I map a goal and the progress I'm making? Post pictures of food and recipes for the latest diet trend? Or document my time in Italy? No I haven't been to Italy but I'm sure I could spend a few moments explaining my need for yet another pendulum or tarot deck. Ah... there is the hook for my blog title "A Wicked Life". So there it is folks, my theme. This blog will be much more than the run of the mill "what to do during a full moon" type blog. I will at times vent, share a life experience (had some very wicked moments....), a photo that captures my mood, or who knows... a poem or two? Stay tuned. I may even share a short story.

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